To Impart a value based Education by :
  • Love and Worship of God through daily prayer.
  • Adherence to truth.
  • Concern for and service to the poor.
  • Love and respect for the country and all people of different religious and cultural background.
  • To foster love and respect for Mother Earth.
  • To form our students into persons of character, conscious of their human rights and responsibilities.

Our Lady  of  Fatima School saw the light of day in August  1961 and has consistently made strides in excellence and perfection in every field,  be it academics, values, sports, social service, cultural activities, personality grooming…..hence the entire city joined  in the  rejoicing  when OLF  touched its Golden Milestone in 2011.  The very air seemed to be ringing congratulations galore from nostalgic ex-students and excited current students, from grateful parents and even from overawed onlookers.

With grateful hearts to God we steer on and now forge ahead towards the Diamond milestone…..