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On 28th January’2016, Our Lady of Fatima conducted condolence meeting for Sister Francis.

She served as a teacher in Our Lady of Fatima School since 1989 to 2008. She worked with dedication, commitment and love for 19 years and many ex-students remember her with love and gratitude.

A talented and trained teacher, Sr. Francis served in our schools at Udaipur, Ethiopia and Aligarh giving herself fully to every student she came in contact with.

She had an extraordinary trait, a trait to reach out to all in need. She was deeply interested in the academic and spiritual growth of the students. The primary and middle school students were fortunate to have her as their guide and mentor.

She was gifted with a melodious voice. She had a creative instinct and was full of vibrant ideas. She taught value education and Bible classes with zeal and enthusiasm.

She will be greatly missed.