Diwali function was celebrated in Our Lady of Fatima on 21st Oct.2014,during morning assembly,in the presence of honorable Sister Jessi.The function began with traditional Saraswati Vandana to pay tribute to Goddess Saraswati and to seek her blessings to remove the darkness with prevails in society in the form of ignorance,crime and corruption.

Then a melodious and serene bhajan was sung by a group of efficient singers.Based on the theme,”Say No to Crackers”,and “Safe Diwali”,a skit was presented which highlighted the evil practices in the name of Diwali.It’s message was to save our environment from pollution and society from corruption.Then there was colorful Garbha dance and another group dance which enhanced the enthusiasm and joy of celebration.The program concluded with a motivating speech delivered by our honorable Hindi teacher Mrs.Sarita Varshney which inspired the students to understand the essence of the festival of lights

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