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All the students of L. K. G. gathered in the Fatima Hall for the Fancy Dress Competition on 3rd October. The  budding artist came on to the stage on by one to portray their characters and were really excited about it. They were very well dressed up, delivered their dialogues clearly and enacted confidently. Some of the characters were, Mrs Indira Gandhi, Rani Laxmi Bai, butterfly, a police inspector, etc.

The Competition was judged by Sr. Sabina, Mrs. Jyotsna and Mrs. Shipra Singh and it was really difficult for them to reach to one conclusion and thus the programme was enjoyed by all. at last the result was announced by Sr. Sabina.

Winners were as follows:

1st – Aashi Gupta – L. K. G. – B

2nd – Amogh Gupta – L.K.C. – C

3rd – Sayuri Singh – L. K. G. – A