Our Lady Of Fatima Aligarh bubbled up with activities when it celebrated its programme on 8th Oct.2014,in honour of two retired helping staff Mrs.Indra and Mr.Surajpal,who rendered their services to this institution for about 27years and 28 years respectively.

The function commenced with the garland ceremony by respected Sr.Deepti which was followed by a short speech prepared by the two girls of class VII.Girls showcased their talent by performing on a welcome song.The Landable contemporary dance was dedicated to the guests of the day.The function than took a proceed with an “Alvida Song”sung melodiously and in sync by a girls group.

A skit giving out the message that how remarkably and selflessly these two have rendered their services to the institution was exhibited with actually brought a smile on everybody’s face.Dance performance given by the boys was actually a thrilling visual treat for the audience,for it filled the atmosphere with a new line of entertainment.The function culminated with a speech by one of staff member Mrs.Bobbie Singh.Sr.Deepti delivered the vote of thanx and honoured the guests with gifts from managment and staff side and a cash envelope from the student’s side.

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