Our school’s Boys Basket ball team was participated in “B league Tournament ” in which it has qualified for state level. The team members are:

1. Tarun Prakhar Singh

2. Shubhankar Varshney

3. Aniket Varshney

4 Ayush Dwivedi

5 Vishwa Pratap Singh

6. Atul Sharma

7. Devansh Dutta

8. Om Sharma

9. Anant Agarwal

10. Vijay

11. Pratham Bhargava

12. Aayush Sharma

Olf  team ‘s I st match was with D.S. school held at D.P.S and  Olf team won by 24-12 on 27 th July.

In the II match OLF won by 53-5 from D.P.S at Krishna International school on 3rd July.

III  match  held at SFS junior wing was won OLF by 64-38 from Krishna International school  on 3rd  July.

IV match held at Krishna International school against HB Inter College was won by 53-38 on 4th July.

In the Final match our students were the runner up and they selected for the state.