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Outdoor activity was organised ofr the students of class L. K. G. On 15th September, everyone was looking forward to this day with great enthusiasm. Two kinds of races had been organised. One of them was “get ready for school” in which students had put on their shoes and socks, tie their shoe laces, pack their bags and run.


Second kind of race was organised for the girls which was called “Collecting the seeds”.


The thrill, the excitement and the pleasure of winning were all the moments worth seeing and enjoying.  Children loved to see their friends and other students participating with their heart and souls with complete involvement in the game.

At last the winners were announced by our respected school principal Sr. Deepti.

Boys:  1. Mohd. Suboor – L. K. G. – B

2. Meer Rao – L.K. G. – D

3. Aarav Agarwal – L. K. G. – A


Girls:  1. Aarohi Saxena – L. K. G. – C

2. Unnati – L. K. G. – B

3 Mehwish Saleem – L. K. G. – C