On 26th October ’2015, the kids of class U.K.G. assembled in the ground to participate in the races. They were full of enthusiasm and eager to buck up their classmates who were selected for the races.

For the boys, the race was to wear the shirt, tie their belts and run. For the girls, they had to assemble their books and copies in their bags and run.

Result (Boys) – First Prize – Garimay – U.K.G. – A

Second Prize – Mohd. Umar – U.K.G. – B

Third Prize – Aditya Gupta – U.K.G. – D


Girls  – First Prize – Tasmiya Khan – U.K. G. – B

Second Prize – Ilma U.K.G. – C

Third Prize – Faiza – U.K.G. – C

After the winners were declared, the children went back to their respective classes.