Life is a precious gift from God.

Good Morning Everyone

Its really a weird for me to stand here and speak at this point of time when you all were just wished a happy new year but mu gut doesn’t allow me to stay a quiet when I’d seen the drastic effect of it.

Its not a new subject for..I thinl anyone of us but was never given much importance.There is a new trend since past few years of keeping secrets,having private phone numbers,secret sharing buddies and really Anti parent’s Private Conversations on phones.But what if the friend for life is found leaking out things behind our backs.We find the world intrust worthy and unreliable to understand us and the pain we’re going through.We completely dissociate from the world and tell that we’re being eaten up from inside and we need to be rescued.

And when there’s nothing good left for us on planet,we decide to leave everything completely and forever.Hearing behind questions unanswered people crying and assumptions with no sense.

Were the PARENTS all the time?

They were there just beside.holding our hands asking us “What’s wrong?”everytime we cried.

But they wern’t considered an option.Were they too young to understand it?Or did they have no solution for us?Or were they too fragile to be broken down by what we faced?

No..Actually none of question make any sense.They might be angry or fell bad about thye things around their child.but at the end of the day the’ll be the onesmost bothered.

Things can we sorted out in a better way if we want to.If you fell unheard does’t give up,try speak out,there’s none around,the Father almighty is for all.He’ll hold our hand.All he wants you to do is at least not lose hope in the world he created.

I request all of you to please be true friend to someone and maintain the dignity of friendship.Never let trust drown in the lake of betrayal.

If you can’t handle it,directly talk to your parents.Let them know  they’ve given you life and they’ll be ones questioned for your unexistence.

At the end I request you all to please pray for my friend Minal Maheshwari studied in ST.FIDELIS SENIOUR SEC.SCHOOL Class X who passed away last Friday with her family and friends unanswered.

May her departed soul Rest In Peace.

We do not know what the future holds but our future is in God’s loving hands.


Class X B

Our Lady Of Fatima Hr.Secondary School.