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A one day seminar was organised for CBSE on Life Skills training for teachers which was conducted by very well known Mr. Rupam Khosla on July 01, 2015.

As a resource person for CBSE, Mr. Rupam is equipped with skills to train and coach leaders to proactively identify the daily challenges.

The session started at 8:30 AM sharp with 66 enthusiastic teachers of our school who were eager to learn many new things from a very knowledgeable resource person who graced the occasion by sharing with the teachers his findings and opinions and extended to all the teachers his perfect logistic support and guidance.

The session indeed was a very lively and involving one in which there was a lot of scope for teachers to interact with the speaker about how to deal with everyday problems faced by them in the classroom. It also dealt in detail with different life skills functioning practically in everyday classrooms.

The teachers also had some light time when the resource person threw two difficult mystery criminal cases in front of the teachers to solve. In return, the teachers were rewarded with chocolates for every correct answer.

Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by one of the teachers of our school, Mrs. Aarti Gupta, who thanked Mr. Khosla for giving an excellent coverage of the topic ”Life skills training for teachers”.