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An Open Table Tennis Tournament was organized by Aligarh District table Tennis Association which was held at D. S. Bal Mandir, Aligarh on 11th and 12th July’2015. Our students participate in this event every year and never return empty handed.

OLF proudly announces winners from our school from different categories as below:

Cadet Boys – Aditya Agarwal( Winner)

Sub Junior Boys – Arjun Gupta (Winner)

Junior Boys – Arjun Gupta (Runner-up)

Men’s Open – Arjun Gupta (Runner-up)

Cadet Girls – Yashasha Sharma (Winner)

Junior Girls – Rhythm Sharma (Runner-up)

Sub – Junior Girls – Rhythm Sharma (Winner)

Yashasha Sharma (Runner-up)

Our school champions, Arjun Gupta, Alabhaya Singh and Saaransh Shyam Singh were able to make to semi-finals.

To add to our celebrations, our school has also been awarded “the best school championship Award” as for three consecutive years, our school has been winning the tournament.

Sr, Deepti, felicitated the winners and congratulated them on their success.