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On Monday, 19th October’2015, 16 schools participated in an Inter school competition in Wisdom Public School. It was organised by Rotary Club Aligarh. Our school team secured 2nd prize. Team members were:

Prabhat Mohan Singh – X – D

Abdur rehman – X – A

Raj Vardhan Singh – IX – C

Zain Ali Mirza – IX – C

The Quiz was held in 3 rounds. A lot of eager school children turned up to showcase their knowledge. The first round consisted of preliminary screening, where one school team was selected among 4 in a grueling session of quick fire questions ans half guesses. Our Lady of Fatima’s team breezed through this round, although the tough was yet to come.

Round 2 was played by 4 short listed schools, among whom were the teams of St. Fidelis, ABK Union Girls and Boys along with our school.

The final round consisted of recognizing of musical clips from popular films and songs.

After 4 hours of elation on the right answers and disappointment on the wrong answers. O. L. F. team won the Runner up trophy in what was a very well organised and well executed quiz.